Global manufacture and sale of innovative and effective ingredients for detergent and personal care formulations.

Based on THOR'S 50 years experience in preservative technology, the Microcare, ®ACTICIDE® range is being continually developed to meet the requirements of this highly specialised industry.

Thor biocide account for a significat part of the Group's Turnover. Our technical expertise and experience has established us as a leading manufacturer of isothiazolinone based biocides.

These speciality chemicals are formulated to prevent bioderioration by bacteria, fungi and algae of a variety of products including points, polymer emulsions, adhesives, inks, metelworking fluids, leather, plastics, wood and in the water traetment industry.


  • Extensive range of standard and customised biocides
  • Actives include isothiazolines, aldehydes, triazines, iodopropynyl butylcarbonate and quaternary ammonium compounds
  • Thor AMME (Advanced Micro Matrix Embedding)
  • Innovative and novel dry film biocide technology resulting in high perfomance with low environmental impact
  • Acceptance by regulatory bodies such as the US EPA and FDA
  • Support off all major actives through the European B&R and US EPA

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