Cutting-edge is the hallmark of THOR, a multinational group that seeks out not only superior quality in its chemical products but also safety for people and the environment.

At FCI, we have chosen to distribute THOR biocides because the protection they offer against the microbiological deterioration of a vast range of products is among the best on the market. THOR's technologically advanced biocides are used in a vast range of applications, such as detergents, disinfectants, preservatives and emulsions. Find out more about this reliable and successful brand.

It is a global manufacturer of innovative and effective ingredients for detergents and personal care products.

Bolstered by THOR's 50 years' experience in preservative technology with the Microcare® range, ACTICIDE® is constantly developed to meet the requirements of this highly specialised industry.

THOR biocides make up a significant part of the Group's revenue. Our experience and technical expertise has established THOR as a leading manufacturer of isothiazolinone-based biocides.

These special chemical products are formulated to prevent bioterioration by bacteria, fungi and algae of a variety of products including polymer emulsions, adhesives, inks, metal-working fluids, leather, plastic, wood and in the water treatment industry.


  • A broad range of standard and customised biocides
  • The active substances include isothiazolinone, aldehydes, triazines, iodopropinyl butyl carbonate and quaternary ammonium compounds
  • THOR AMME (Advanced Micro Matrix Embedding), an innovative dry film biocide technology, guarantees high performance and low environmental impact
  • Acceptance by regulatory bodies such as EPA and FDA in the US
  • Support all main active substances through European B&R and US EPA

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