Perfumes, fragrances and associated raw materials

F.C.I. - Fragrances and Chemical Ingredients was founded in 2006 and sprang from the desire to provide a service to all those who are aware of the importance of perfume in the production of best-selling products.

We are the official distributors in Italy of SYMRISE, a world leader in the sector of perfumes and fragrances and we are active in diverse industrial sectors: domestic and industrial detergency, personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, etc.

Our firm is at your service to provide you with perfumes, fragrances and associated raw materials and assist you in the development of your products.

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Trends and market

From birth our sense of smell plays a vital part in enabling us to distinguish between what is good and what is bad. The fragrance of our mother’s breast is our earliest memory and it is our olfactory sense that will continue to provoke profound emotions, attractions and repulsions and that will evoke memories.

A good perfume can be decisive in the purchase of a product and can determine its right place in the sector of the market. F.C.I. - Fragrances and Chemical Ingredients offers you assistance and market research that is continually updated and advice on how to finish off a product’s image by giving it the right perfume.

Smell like taste bypasses the brain and is able to convey profound messages, messages which we will help you to send to your customers.