“Smells, like flavours, are perceived without the brain's rational mediation and are able to convey profound messages.”

The purpose of these messages is to reach your target audience and guide them towards a purchase. FCI can help you reach your audience thanks to the high quality and broad range of our products. Not all scents are the same, but each fragrance can give us an unforgettable sensory experience. Every little detail is key: availability and composition of raw materials, degree of quality that increases concentration and reduces dosage, knowledge of the chemistry behind the processes. Everything helps create a unique essence, an interesting note capable of reaching the heart of your audience and creating a lasting impression.

You can reach this goal with the products F.C.I. distributes.

  • Discover SYMRISE's wonderful scents and exquisite fragrances.
  • Choose the innovative ingredients in THOR biocides.
  • Respect the environment with the alkyl polyglycoside surfactants in the ALKIPOL series.
  • Test the effectiveness of BERFOS phosphonates.
  • Special SURFACE ACTIVE surfactants.
  • Optical brighteners by PARAMOUNT MINERALS AND CHEMICALS Ltd
  • We also supply Berzym enzymes, biological activators and many other products and raw materials.

Our extensive warehouse (3,500 m2) and efficient logistics chain enable us to offer fast deliveries even for small orders. But FCI is not just a supplier. We can offer you all the technical information and guidance on using substances and materials correctly, as well as fragrance consultancy for your home or business.

Our Partners

To offer you a guarantee of quality and success and help you select winning fragrances and optimal chemical ingredients, we have chosen to distribute the following brands.