Our claim

always inspiring more
We complement our customer's brand strategies throuhg creative and dedication.
We understand how important brands are for long-term success.
All of our energy and competence goes into our customer's product brands.

This is how we support them

  • by developing, creating and maintaining successful product brands
  • by providing top-of-the-line fragrance compositions, cosmetic ingredients, and flavorings
  • by putting our expertise to its best use
  • by offering a wide range of ideas, creative suggestions, and new solutions
  • by unifying consumer insights and information on latest trends
  • by consulting the innovation process through sensory and consumer science

Sustainable Citrus in Calabria, Italy

Our Purpose

We are committed to serving our customers throughout the world with innovative, superior quality and high value-adding products and services - the success of our customers is our first priority.

We work with initiative, and creativity in order to achieve this objective.

Our five Core Principles

  • We serve our customers worldwide and support their brands. Serving our customers, wherever they are in the world, is at the heart of our approach to doing business. We strive to work closely with our customers in order to understand their markets, their strategies, their needs and to support their brands.
  • We develop and market new and innovative solutions. We create value by providing new and innovative product and service solutions that increase the competitiveness of each of our customers.
  • We work together with respect for one another. We work together in a spirit of mutual support, with openness to new ideas and with respect for one another. We recognize and accept diversity as one of our greatest strengths.
  • We have lean processes and we work efficiently. We continually streamline our processes in order to increase our efficiency, improve responsiveness to our customers and to lower costs.
  • We have the highest quality and business standards. We are committed to the highest quality in terms of the products and services we offer and to the highest standards in the way that we conduct business - without compromise.

Our success factors

We have merged our strengths for our customers' success.

Symrise advantage:

  • an expanded product portfolio
  • combined strengths in the domains of research, technology, creativity, and innovation
  • a broader global reach

Symrise position:

  • Symrise currently ranks the number 3 company in the global flavors and fragrances industry

Symrise is the world market leader in

  • Mint / oral care products
  • Nature - identical l-menthol
  • Botanicals
  • UV protection
  • Cooling agents
  • Vanilla flavorings
  • Citrus flavorings
  • Culinary flavorings
  • Snack Food

Symrise offers state-of-the-art technology in the areas of

  • Encapsulation technology / spray drying
  • Menthol/ mint technology
  • UV protection / sunscreens
  • Applied research
  • Product claims support

We believe that creating successful fragrances is a matter of passion combined with exceptional creativity linked by strong research.

  • Symrise aspires to be among the top suppliers of fragrances to the beauty care industry and to remain the n. 1 supplier in oral care.
  • Symrise develops innovative products with value-added potential for our customers.
  • Symrise maintains extensive information relative to trends, markets, and brands.
  • Symrise possesses in-depth technical know-how in each of its targeted product categories.
  • Symrise will continue to grow its regional business opportunities in fabric and home care.

Main Focus

  • Fine Fragrance
  • Personal Care - Bath / Shower / Hair / AP / Deo
  • Oral Care - Mint
  • Air Care

Our Partners

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