people interact with Symrise products 20-30 times a day on average!

Whether it's mint toothpaste, exotic perfume, vanilla-flavoured food, or a citrus-flavoured drink, you can come into contact with Symrise scents throughout the day because it supplies fragrances, flavours, cosmetic raw materials and functional components all over the world. Discover the advantages of using a Symrise ingredient and why it makes us proud to be the official Italian supplier for this major global brand.

Our brand

Always inspiring more
We complement the brand strategies of our clients through creativity and dedication. We understand how important brands are for long-term success. All our energy and skill is ploughed into our clients' product brands.

Here's how we support them:

  • by developing, creating and maintaining successful product brands
  • by supplying compositions of top-of-the-line fragrances, cosmetic ingredients and flavours
  • by putting our experience at their disposal
  • by offering a vast range of ideas, creative suggestions and new solutions
  • by teaming intuition with the latest information on consumer trends
  • by consulting the innovation process through sensory and consumer science

Vitessence Rose de Grasse

Our mission

We are committed to serving our clients around the world with innovative, superior quality and high added value products and services: our clients' success is our top priority.

We work with initiative and creativity to reach this goal.

Our five Core Principles

  • We serve our clients around the world and support their brands. Serving our clients, wherever they are in the world, is the core of our business approach. We strive to work in close contact with our clients to understand their markets, their strategies, their needs and to support their brands.
  • We develop and market new and innovative solutions. We create value by offering innovative products and services that boost the competitiveness of every one of our clients.
  • We work together with mutual respect. We work together in a spirit of mutual support, open to new ideas and mutual respect. We recognise and accept diversity as one of our biggest strengths.
  • We have lean processes and work efficiently. We constantly rationalise our processes to increase efficiency, react more quickly to our clients and keep costs down.
  • We have the highest quality and business standards. We strive towards maximum quality in the products and services we offer and aim for the highest standards in our working practices - without compromises.

Our success factors

We have united our strengths to ensure our clients' success.

The advantage of Symrise:

  • a wide-ranging products portfolio
  • combined strengths in research, technology, creativity and innovation
  • global reach

The position of Symrise:

  • Symrise is currently the world's third largest flavour and fragrance supplier

Symrise is the world leader in

  • Oral care / mint products
  • Nature-identical L-menthol
  • Botanicals
  • UV protection
  • Cooling agents
  • Vanilla aromas
  • Citrus aromas
  • Culinary aromas
  • Snack food

Symrise offers cutting-edge technology in the following areas

  • Encapsulation / spray-drying technology
  • Menthol / mint technology
  • UV protection / sun filters
  • Applied research
  • Support with product claims

We believe that creating successful fragrances takes a combination of passion, exceptional creativity and painstaking research.

  • Symrise aspires to be one of the biggest fragrance suppliers in the beauty care sector and to remain the no. 1 supplier in the Oral Care sector
  • Symrise develops innovative products with potential added value for our clients
  • Symrise holds a wealth of information on trends, markets and brands
  • Symrise has in-depth knowledge of each of its target product categories
  • Symrise will continue to grow regional business opportunities in the home textiles and care sector

Main objective

  • Alcoholic fragrances
  • Personal care - Bath / Shower / Hair / AP / Deo
  • Oral Care - Mint
  • Air Care

Our Partners

To offer you a guarantee of quality and success and help you select winning fragrances and optimal chemical ingredients, we have chosen to distribute the following brands.