Naturally derived surfactants

We can create a successful detergent that is gentle on skin and highly biodegradable by looking to nature and the renewable plant-based raw materials it provides. If you believe in the importance of skin compatibility and environmental protection as much as we do, let FCI guide you towards choosing the best, safest and most effective surfactants.


ALKYPOL alkyl glycosides are made from maize and natural oils. They are non-ionic surfactants that deliver remarkable performance by combining the formulation ease of naturally-derived surfactants with the foam characteristic of anionic surfactants.

ALKYPOLs provide excellent cleaning power and good dispersion and wetting properties. In particular:

  • superior biodegradability
  • gentle on the skin and hair
  • excellent booster creates foam volume and stability
  • works well in conjunction with other surfactants
  • good thickening effect
  • nitrosamine, dioxane and sulphate free
  • very stable in alkaline environment


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