Cutting edge technologies and continuous research

Cutting edge technologies and continuous research are indispensable elements for the development of unique sensory solutions and are at the base of products that make our everyday lives a little more enjoyable.

Whether it’s a question of keeping your washing smelling fresher for longer or avoiding the use of preservatives in cosmetics, there is no limit to your creativity.

SymCap®, Odour Neutralizer and Neofresh® are only some of the cutting edge technologies that SYMRISE has developed in order to respond to the concrete requests of its customers and that we put at your disposal.

Odour Neutralizer and Neofresh®

Quantities of perfume and strong essences? But what about reducing the bad odours first?

We know that at a certain pressure the gaseous phase of whatever fluid can contain only a given number of molecules. If we distribute other less volatile molecules, these will partly replace those present which are the cause of the bad odour. This is only one technique but there are many others that can also be used: we can bind the bad odour molecules even before they evaporate and in this way prevent them spreading. Alternatively we can use enzymes to reduce the bacteria that are the cause of an unpleasant odour...

Neofresh ® is a technology developed by SYMRISE to reduce bad odours and strengthen the effect of the fragrance that we are adding.