“Real progress is only made when the advantages of new technology are available to all.”

Technological progress can also make a difference when it stimulates our senses and gives us experiences that influence the way in which we carry out our day-to-day lives. Cutting-edge products are fundamental in the industrial fragrances sector on many levels and for all the sectors in which you operate: detergents, personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, trichology...

Cutting-edge technologies and ongoing research

Imagine the fresh smell of laundry. Now imagine making it last longer. Now think of a world where preservatives can be eliminated from cosmetics. In short, remove the limitations of your creativity: you'll be amazed that the technology for turning your dreams into reality already exists.

SymCap®, Odour Neutralizer and Neofresh® are just some of the cutting-edge technologies SYMRISE has developed to meet the requirements of its clients and that we at FCI - Fragrances and Chemical Ingredients make available to you. We are constantly on the lookout for the best solutions on the market: our mission is to enable you to develop a unique sensory adventure for your target audience and make every day more pleasurable for all.


Environmental protection must be the starting point for scientific progress and SYMRISE is committed to working in this direction. Its patented SymCap® technology traps oils and essences in microcapsules, which then release the scent through light friction or pressure, even months later.

Odour Neutralizer e Neofresh®

You might think that it takes very strong essences or large doses of scent to mask bad odours. But what if it were possible to simply reduce the bad odour? We know that at a certain pressure level the gaseous phase of a fluid can only contain a given number of molecules. If we distribute other less volatile molecules, they partly replace the ones already present that are causing the bad odour.

This is just one technique, but there are many others that can be used. For example, we can bind the bad odour molecules before they evaporate to prevent them spreading. Or, we can use enzymes to reduce the bacterial load causing the unpleasant odour.

Odour Neutralizer comes with the promise “One name, one guarantee”: this technology neutralises any bad odour found in nature. Neofresh® is the effective technology developed by SYMRISE to reduce bad odours and boost the effect of the fragrance that makes your products unique.