A strategic collaboration with SYMRISE

F.C.I. - Fragrances and Chemical thanks to the constant collaboration with SYMRISE:

  • provides its customers with technical presentations and market research that is continually updated with regard to the products and trends of the moment;
  • is capable of offering products that are equal to the top products on the market;
  • can develop and test perfumes made especially for you in its own laboratories and advise you on the best choice of ingredients and production.

Our knowledge and know-how accrued over years is at your service and can make any product special and a market best seller.

More is less

More and less: in how many ways can we understand this apparent contradiction?

If we spend less we shall certainly save... at least in the immediate future, but are we certain of the result? Sometimes spending a little more on a fragrance can seen futile to us, but if we consider that better quality translates into a better market performance of our product, have we really spent more?

In the world of perfume, it is often the barely perceptible variations, the nuances, that make all the difference. The fragrance that we will use will be closely linked to the perceived quality of our product, its choice is strategic and its cost, even if it may be higher than that of others, will be amply reimbursed by the public’s appreciation.