“Our challenge every day is to ensure your success.”

You can guarantee the success of your product thanks to our fragrances, but also our experience and efficiency. We are constantly working towards creating a supply chain that enables you to reach the heart of your audience with unique, high quality products.

Here's what we can do for you:

  • Consultancy on choosing the perfect notes and fragrances and top quality raw materials
  • Consultancy on strategic marketing and packaging
  • Market research on national and international trends in the fragrances sector
  • Fast delivery (48-72 hours) of over 500 types of fragrance already in stock in our warehouse
  • Fast delivery of small orders for small, medium and large companies
  • Supply of extra products from Germany within three weeks

A strategic collaboration with SYMRISE

As well as providing you with the market research you need to create products in line with global trends, FCI - Fragrances and Chemical Ingredients works closely with SYMRISE to develop and test bespoke scents and advise you on the best formulations.

More is less – A guide to choosing quality: real saving does not come with a lower price tag

The keyword here is concentration.

A quality scent, fragrance, essence or raw material will certainly cost more, but there is a reason for that: it will perform better even at a lower concentration.

In the fragrances sector, it's often the imperceptible variations and nuances that make the difference.

The fragrance to be used will be closely linked to the perceived quality of our product, so choosing the right one is essential. High customer satisfaction will more than make up for the higher cost.
Short-term savings do not guarantee our goals are met, quite the opposite in fact.

A better quality though slightly higher cost product will ensure the product we create performs better, making up for the initial expense with the longer-term success of our business.